New smart feature from FINDRS

FINDRS makes your intelligent bicycle lights, DeLight, even smarter. With the brand new function – RIDE – you get an advanced cycling computer, which automatically maps all your cycling trips.

RIDE has its very own menu in the FINDRS app, where you can easily scroll through all trips during the day, during the week or the month. By selecting a specific trip, you get a complete record on the map, indicating the length, duration and your average speed.

The trips can be grouped into three categories, so you can easily see how many trips you eg.g. have made to and from work, and how many kilometers you have traveled.

RIDE comes as an automatic app update on January 1st 2021, initially for iOS. All new and existing users who have the lights installed can use the new RIDE function without doing anything – everything starts and ends automatically.

DeLight by FINDRS are the intelligent bicycle light that only gets better!