Always ensure you keep the DeLight by FINDRS app updated from App Store or Google Play.

As we continuously work on improving stability and the user experience it is sometimes necessary to also update the lights. This is done by following these instructions.

1. Whenever there is an update for the lights it will be shown in the bar if the app is connected to the lights. Press the bar to start the update. Tip! Confirm the app is connected by turning the lights on and off from the app.















2. The update will start automatically. Stay in close range to the lights during the entire process.















3. When the update is finished. Press the finish button.















4. If the update fails. Turn bluetooth off and then on again. Ensure the lights are connected to the app by turning the lights on and off from the app. If they are connected please try again and stay in close range to the lights. If it keeps failing contact us through the app or